We humans have been asking this question of ourselves and our communities for millennia. However, for most of us, throughout most of history, acting upon our answers was cost prohibitive (to put it mildly, maybe too mildly). Indeed, manifesting social change was reserved for the wealthy and powerful few. Their answers shaped the arc of social change. Thankfully, that’s no longer true. Advances in technology have allowed increasing numbers of us to offer up our own answers, connect, collaborate, and collectively participate in the process of local and systemic change.

Here at IMAGINE U, we work with changemakers of all ages and from all backgrounds and beginnings to tell stories, share experiences, launch campaigns, spark conversations, and mobilize movements that bring forth a more just and livable world.

We have three objectives:

Build a Bigger Table – We need greater diversity in the social entrepreneurship space (in terms of race, religion, sex, geography, socioeconomic status, and educational background). Greater inclusivity will be accompanied by a greater diversity of experiences, beliefs, and narratives regarding how to build a more just and livable world.

Create a Better Changemaker – A better changemaker is a values-based, relationship-centered problem solver who acts upon their agency to change the world. They are highly attuned to the possible inadequacies of their efforts, sensitive to their role and place in the process of social change, and know that sustainable social change is about building coalitions of diverse human beings committed to change.

Support Local Leaders – We need to support local leaders solving local problems in their local communities. We do this by working with others to support and/or create changemaker ecosystems in their communities.

We pursue these three objectives via a strategic blending of our Better Changemaker Curriculum, Collision-Happy Courses, Workshops, and Strategic Coaching.

Learn more by contacting Shawn Humphrey today: groundskeeper@imaginesocialgood.org