My name is Shawn Humphrey. I’m a social entrepreneur. I’m also an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Mary Washington. Since 2005, I’ve been transforming my students into positive social disruptors. Over that time, my students and I have co-created movements, organizations, and thought-leadership platforms with national and global reach. For example, we:

  • Built the only student-run microfinance institution working outside the United States called La Ceiba.
  • Launched the Sidekick Manifesto and asked do-gooders to reimagine their role in the story of poverty’s end.

With all of these projects, my students were fully accountable for any and all successes and failures. This intense responsibility allowed them to develop a unique skill set valued by today’s employers, graduate programs and post-graduation opportunities like the Peace Corps. Namely, they learned how to fail, get back up and try again. They learned how to humbly succeed. And, most importantly, they learned how to create, construct, imagine, wonder and aspire to change the world around them. In essence, they developed the skills that today’s increasingly complex, globalized and social-justice-oriented society is already asking of them.

With IMAGINE U, I have one objective: Radically share everything I’ve learned and continue to learn about integrating social entrepreneurship and design thinking into my classes with other educators. That includes my Better Changemaker Curriculum, my Collision-Happy Courses, my Rewilding Pedagogy, and the Resources that I strategically integrate into each course syllabus.

Feel free to browse around and if you’re interested in learning more contact me at shumphre@umw.edu